On the interior you've dreamed of: an overview of the accessories for Hummer H1 from company Ramsmobile | Ramsmobile

On the interior you've dreamed of: an overview of the accessories for Hummer H1 from company Ramsmobile

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You've always wanted to make the interior of your Hummer exclusive? It's time to find accessories and gadgets that will match not killing characteristics of this super car.

  1. RAMS STYLE interior KIT

Fits the Hummer design as his own, and guarantees to the owner and passengers with maximum comfort. The material is eternal fiberglass or carbon are less stable, and the panel is made of stainless steel. By the way, for the particularly discerning motorists panel are made of titanium. Installation takes minimum time, and the effect will never disappoint, because each set is unique in its own way.

  1. Composite door panels

In such a machine, like a Hummer, cool should be all, and even doors. Modern technologies offer to improve the interior of the car with innovative composite materials that are not afraid of corrosion.This is the case when stylish design is harmoniously combined with maximum functionality. Cracks, scratches, dents, scuffs – it's exactly not about composite panels. With them the interior of your Hummer will always be flawless.

  1. Composite center console

Made of fibreglass, the Central panel will pass the test of time, withstand extreme conditions and most inept motorists. No less durable and reliable option is carbon fiber, products of which have long been in space.

Want to give the interior refinement? Pick a finish for the console Alcantara luxurious effect in soft suede. Prefer timeless classics? Then high-strength, eco-leather or staining protective covering are the right choice.

  1. Alpine multimedia + frame + camera Alpine + panel with rear camera

A comprehensive solution with rich functionality and wide features. With one purchase you can quickly and effectively solve several important problems: high-quality sound in the cabin + clear picture camera + optimum visibility at night + maximum safety on the road. With such assistants precision Parking is guaranteed. Intuitive control, simple arrangement and guarantees a reputable brand manufacturer Alpine – what else need proof of the benefits of this purchase?

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