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Manufacturer of the most expensive and luxurious off-road vehicles in the world!

Ramsmobile company emphasizes on safety and utility of their products. The most high-tech materials and mechanisms in automotive industry are used in vehicles manufacture.

To achieve the best result in the technical characteristics of the vehicles, Ramsmobile company sets internal combustion engines and developed motors. There is a great experience of work with composite materials, 3d modeling, improvement of aerodynamic properties of vehicles. The production of bodies of complex composite matrices produced in its own autoclave is held. New cars are build with body type "monocoque".

RAMSMOBILE company presents a collection of 3 totally different series , each of them has 3 lines, allowing the buyer to choose the style of RAMSMOBILE.

RM SERIES - it is the reincarnation and transormation of the standing and character of the legendary Hummer H1, using the highest quality materials and technologies.

Ramsmobile RM - Series "Classic" edition.

ART SERIES - is a range of vehicles for the true admires of art and modern design solutions. We provide the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the collection of materials of different origin, which creates the exclusive appearance of the car. Manufactured and installed with highest quality and precision of details, these vehicles will attract and please Your eyes.


In 2017, the company Ramsmobile will present 2 new exclusive vehicles – "KOMANCHE" and "STRIKER".

These SUVs, which have unique design and luxurious high-tech interior, can not be ignored.

RAMSMOBILE ART-series "STRIKER" & "KОMANCHE" edition is fully modernized and improved Hummer H1, which has kept the brutality and the character of the legendary off-roader. To create "STRIKER" & "KОMANCHE" RAMSMOBILE team used a huge range of exclusive materials. These cars are suitable for convenient driving, and also perfectly emphasize the standing and essence of its owner. "STRIKER" & "KОMANCHE" fully comply with the cars of "Premium and Luxury" class.

Ramsmobile ART - Series "Striker" edition & Ramsmobile ART - Series "Komanche" edition - The beginning ...

Not everyone likes uncouth nature of HUMMER H1, that’s why the company's engineers have developed RAMSMOBILE ART-series. Vehicles of this class are created for fans of modern design.


Ramsmobile ART - Series "Striker" edition !

Ramsmobile ART - Series "Komanche" edition!

In 2017-2018 Ramsmobile company will present a collection of cars in:

• social networks ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , YouTube).

• We invite You to become part of our team, stay with us, get in touch and share your comments.

• TV (discovery chanel , my planet, etc ...)

• car shows (SEMA show , Moscow Tuning Show, Moscow Off-Road Show...).

Other large automotive exhibition the representatives of Ramsmobile plan to attend as observers. Regardless of whether we are exhibitors or guests, our delegation is always ready to cooperate with partners, sponsors, or customers. A meeting request can be sent by e-mail

• Forums, online sales, the World's media.

•To know more information about us, visit our website:

Soon you will be able to see the most expensive model from the RM-X1 series. At the moment this series is under development. But already we can say that this is a completely new solution for the modern SUV. In the course of the production car series RM-X1, we plan to use the most technologically advanced materials and advanced auto parts.

Follow the news published on the website , and you will always be aware of new concepts Ramsmobile.

Contacts :

Adres: Russia, Moscow, Vinogradovo village 32a

Adres: Italia, via San Biagio 92/B Filottrano

Adres: USA, New York , 2364 E 29 str. 1 fl.



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