You've always wanted to make the interior of your Hummer exclusive?

RAMSMOBILE - Manufacturer of the most expensive and luxurious off-road vehicles in the world!

Chevi plus now partner Ramsmobile for the sale of cars and spare parts to Hummer H1.

For all time of existence of the company, it had been invested more than 7 000 000 $. RAMSMOBILE is a partner of VIAM, a leading public research center in materials science.

2017 for RAMS has become the most successful as the company has released 2 Series of cars of it's own production based on the Hummer H1 chassis . Let's find out the features of each of them.

RM Series – it's a deeply modernized version of a Hummer H1, which retains the style and character of the Legendary offroader.

Build and price Ramsmobile

This is the constructor of Ramsmobile. Using it, you can build the car of your dreams and find out the cost.


Ramsmobile Constructor

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