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RAMSMOBILE is a partner of VIAM

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For all time of existence of the company, it had been invested more than 7 000 000 $. RAMSMOBILE is a partner of VIAM, a leading public research center in materials science.

VIAM provides a complete innovative cycle – from fundamental and applied research of creation high-tech knowledge-based industries to the production of new generation materials, semi-finished and unique process equipment. VIAM – specializing on conducting fundamental and applied researches of structural - phase justification changes the properties of metal and non-metal materials in various technological treatments, and in the process of operation; the conduct of the arbitration work to establish the reasons for the destruction and detection of defects material.

Experience in the development of new materials helps RAMSMOBILE in creating its concepts. The project involves over 30 people, each of whom is a professional in his field. The company established the training Department staff for different positions (designers, engineers, mechanics, technicians, compozitii, electricians, etc.)


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