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Released 2 new car series

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2017 for RAMS has become the most successful as the company has released 2 Series of cars of it's own production based on the Hummer H1 chassis . Let's find out the features of each of them.

RM Series – it's a deeply modernized version of a Hummer H1, which retains the style and character of the Legendary offroader.

Our company has managed to keep all the best that was in this car. As well as Hummer H1, RM Series has a high angle of ascent and descent from the slopes. We have also modernized it's CTIS System, now it has become more quick and effective. We have installed 6.0 V8 engine which make RM Series much faster and more reliable. During the process of manufacturing, we use only high quality materials.

For example in the manufacture of the RM Series accessories, we use only high grade stainless steel alloys. For the manufacture of RM - series decks we use only precious wood types, which we thermo-treat to make them more resistant to aggressive environment.

ART Series has significant differences from RM Series due to the following improvements:

- Specially for ART Series RAMS has developed a completely new interior, which consist of

a) Central console (upper & lower) with an all exclusive dashboard

b) Interior door panels with custom handles with electronic mechanism for door opening with the push of a button

c) Composite thresholds with stainless steel panels

d) Composite lining of the tunnel (more dense and compact)

e) Back panel (for hardtop version)

f) Upper & lower composite pads on the central column

g) 2 types of more comfortable & spacious seats for the front and rear rows ( BMW M3 seats or Aston Martin Vantage seats on pneumatic or rigid frame)

Frame, body & suspension can be optionally coated with the most durable & expensive composition called LINE-X «ULTRA»

All welds on the fabricated parts of ART Series are removed and polished.

Advanced mechanics, electronics and finishing materials.

This is an absolutely new car, collected on the Hummer H1 chassis with an all new:

  • Engine with 0 miles range
  • Transmission with 0 miles range
  • Tires with 0 miles range
  • CTIS lines
  • Electronic devices
  • Interiors upholstery
  • Interior composite panels
  • Wood panels
  • All elements of acoustic equipment and wiring
  • New braking system
  • High pressure fuel pumps
  • Custom stainless steel Exhaust systems with the exhaust insulation wrap

And many other items which make this car unique. To get more information about new equipment installed on this car, you can read the «ART Series GUIDE».

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