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RM-Series - it is the reincarnation and transormation of the standing and character of the legendary Hummer H1, using the highest quality materials and technologies.

Ramsmobile company emphasizes on safety and utility of their products.

Options and equipment 

options available for installation on RM Series

The basis of the car RAMSMOBILE RM-SERIES are chassis Hummer H1 1995 and 2004, or chassis Alpha 2006. This edition can be built in four body types: Vagon, Hardtop, Cabriolet and Slantback. 
You can choose a standard set of doors, the civilian version of the Hummer H1 or a special version of RAMS X-DOORS. RAMS style door solution which was developed for those who goes crazy about absolute military style but still want to stay in comfort inside his car. Our doors have exterior x-doors look and a civilian version internal panel ... RAMS style X-DOORS have power windows, door lining constricted with alcantara or Arpateck materials to your choice, 8 stainless steel external hinges and stainless steel frames following the contours of the window glasses. Like the original HMMWV (M998) X-DOOR, our Kit is made of composite materials (fiberglass or carbonfiber to your choice) and is rust free and weighs much less than the standard Hummer h1 steel door.
In Ramsmobile RM-Series is installed 6.0 V8 LQ4 325 hp conversion (absolutely new engine & new 4L80 hydramatic transmission).


In our company we offer 6 ways to make your Hummer faster, quieter and more reliable:
-6.0 V8 LQ4 + Magnacharger 450 hp conversion (absolutely new engine & new 4L80 hydramatic transmission).
-6.2 V8 LQ9 409 hp conversion (absolutely new engine & new 6L80 hydramatic transmission).
-6.2 V8 LQ9 + Magnacharger 525 hp conversion (absolutely new engine & new 6L80 hydramatic transmission).
-Duramax V8 engine – 400 hp conversion + allison 6 speed transmission (used engine and restored transmission).
-Electro engine 700 hp (in the development).

To your choice we have 2 types of suspension kits for you : 
- Standard H1 suspension restored by our team with 50 000 km of warranty (8” travel).
- RAMS air ride suspension KIT (13” travel).

To your choice we have 2 types of brakes kits:

Standard brakes serviced and restored by our team with new brake disks and pads.

- Wilwood 4 pistons brakes front and rear.

Standard Hummer H1 CTIS serviced and restored by our team with new stainless steel CTIS lines.

RAMS created CTIS with automatic tire pressure control system, digital display and 3 modes of tire pressure.

Stage 1
Alpine Multimedia Station (Ine-W970BT) with rear view camera alpine.
Audison Voce Two way system AV K6 250 Watt
Pioneer PRS-D800 digital amplifier
DAXX R88 interconnect cables
Tchernov cables standard 2 SC
2xIncar 8”super active compact subwoofers (300 Watt x 2)
FSK 700 amplifier kit.

Stage 2
McIntosh MX406 receiver
Zapco c2k-4.0x amplifier or Alpine PDX-F4 digital amplifier
Focal Utopia Be 2 way kit N6
Stinger Spc 5010
Alpine M12 monoblock
Hertz Mill ML 3000.1 subwoofer
FSK 700 amplifier kit
Tchernov cables.

Stage 1
Dashboard made of carbonfiber;
Lower panel;
Door handles;
Rearview mirror.

Stage 2
Hybrid X-DOORS and new consoles.

In our company we offer 5 ways to make your interior:
- Standard H1 interior slightly modified by RAMS team, made of fiber glass materials and covered with Arpatech eco-leather and alcantara. 

-Standard H1 interior slightly modified by RAMS team, made of fiber glass materials and Black piano painted. 

-Carbonfiber or Kevlar standard H1 interior slightly modified by RAMS team. 

-RAMS new style interior made of fiberglass and covered with Arpatech eco-leather and alcantara with stainless steel parts and BMW E46 M3 seats.


-RAMS new style interior made of carbonfiber or Kevlar with titanium parts and Aston Martin Vantage seats.

-Thermo-treated ash panels + stainless steel bolts in different design variations with elegant wood rings instaled in 16.5" wheels only (protected surface with transparent varnish);

-Thermo-treated oak panels + stainless steel bolts in different designs and tone with elegant wood rings instaled in 16.5" wheels only (protected surface with transparent varnish);

-Teak panels + stainless steel bolts, design variations with elegant wood rings instaled in 16.5" wheels only (no varnish applied);

-Bog oak panels + titanium bolts (for hardtop, slantback and wagon only) (no varnish applied).

-16’5 inch powdercoated two-piece steel wheels with stainless steel CTIS hardware & Runflat integrated system, 80 exclusive stainless steel nuts, integrated wood rings and stainless steel decorative ring;

-Alfa style 17” wheels with dual beadlock, CTIS hardware and Runflat system, painted to the desired color;

-RAMS 20 x 14 R20 2 piece wheels with beadlocks, and CTIS hardware.

-RAMS style lockers made of fiberglass and covered with the Line-X XS100 or XS330 coating , available for 0” bodylift or 2” bodylift;

-RAMS style lockers made of carbonfiber or Kevlar (0” lift or 2” bodylift).

-9 cm fiberglass fender flares with stainless steel bolts;

-9 cm carbonfiber fender flares with titanium bolts (some wheels will require spacers after widebody package installation).

-catalizator installation (if it is necessary in your country);

-stainless steel exhaust system;

-titanium exhaust system.

-Standard hummer H1 mirrors repainted and serviced by our team;

-Alfa style mirrors (recommended);

-Standard Hummer H1 mirrors made of stainless steel and polished.

-Floormats made of MAH’s carpet with embroidery of the name and logo of our company.

-Polished stainless steel floormats with integrated skulls which are an inseparable part of our style in all of our designer lines;

-Polished staineless steel floormats with integrated skulls and illumination.

If you are a crazy offroader and you never miss a chance to overcome the obstacle for sure you will need this package:

-Recaro seats with five-point safety belts;

-Heavy-duty stainless steel, aluminium or titanium roll cage integrated in your Hummer H1 interior;

-Fire-extinguishing system.

-Tilt wheel with a gate;

-Lift Jack;

-Front and rear 12 tones WARN winches;


Noise insulation package:

-Light stage;

-Medium stage;

-Silence stage.

Stage 1

JW speaker headlights
Led turnsignals and rear lights

Stage 2

360” lighting with led lamps

Front 12 tons WARN winch.

Rear 12 tons WARN winch.

-Aluminium brushguard and bumbers

-Stainless still bumpers and brushguard

-Titanium brushguard and bumpers

To make your dashboard look luxury and modern we can offer to you different ways:

-stainless steel gauges with RGB illumination;

-red brass gauges with RGB illumination

-digital gauges

-gold gauges

If you used to live in places where you need to stay in warm in your car then for sure you will need this package:

-heated seats;

-integrated WEBASTO or remote control;

-heated steering wheel.

-Original seats Hummer Н1 altered by Ramsmobile company;

-Recaro seats

-BMW E46 M3 seats

-Aston Martin seats

Stage 1

- airlift hooks (2 pieces)
- hood plates (2 pieces)
- hood hinges (2 pieces)
- door hinges (8 pieces)
- custom headlights protection front and rear (4 pieces)
- 2 fuel filler flaps with magnetic locks
- exterior door handles (4 pieces)
- interior door handles (4 pieces)
- tailgate custom locks (2 pieces) (opentop version)
- stainless steel nuts for 16’5 rims (80 pieces)
- CTIS custom protection (4 pieces)
- stainless steel mats with custom skulls (4 pieces)
- front panel hinges (3 pieces)
- custom reflectors (4 pieces)
- tailgate hinges (opentop version) (2 pieces)
- custom gear selector (2 pieces)
- gear selector covering plate (1 piece)
- trim for the gearshift
- trim on handbrake (1 piece)
- podiums for HF speakers (2 pieces)
- dashboard plates (5 pieces)

Stage 2

-all stage 1 accessories +
-lower bonnet hinges (4 pieces)
-handbrake (1 piece)
-sideview mirrors (2 pieces)
-brushguard (1 piece)
-front and rear bumpers with custom nuts and hooks (2 pieces)
-extended shell with magnetic owning holders
-exhaust system
-cover of wheel reducers (4 pieces)
-pad or the break pedal (1 piece)
-deflectors (2 pieces)
-sill extensions (4 pieces)
-pads under the frames of the seats (8 pieces)

Stage 3

-all stage 1 accessories +
-all stage 2 accessories +
-heavy-duty steps (2 pieces)
-rocker panels (2 pieces)
-lightbar (1 piece)
-grill on the hood

Vault package

To keep your valuable things in safety while you are out of your car – we recommend you to install this package in your car. Vault goes mounted inside the central console and rigidly fixed to the body, so it can never be opened with hand tools by thieves.

Embroidery and laser engraving package

In our factory we can apply on your seats, сonsoles and door panels or maybe even floormats any kind of embroidery or laser engraving , regardless of its level of difficulty.

Interior Lighting package

In the night time it’s very important to highlight the worth of your interior and that is why we recommend you to obtain this package. It will illuminate all your interior details and will create comfort and nice atmosphere inside the car.

Designers package

If you want to create a certain style and character your car, the best way to do it is to allow our designers team in your head and let them create a 3D model prototype of what you always wanted to have but couldn’t find professionals to do it. Now your dream will come true.

Owl-vision package

Infrared eye connected directly with your multimedia station, so you will not need to mount any out of style screens on your car. With activation off this option your car will get lost in the night as all the illumination and lighting will shut down and only the screen with night vision will stay on.

Magnetic Bar and Hooka package

If you used to go out with your friends on Ramsmobile series then you can obtain this package. It will let you surprise them with smoking a real hooka which has magnetic locks for staying tightly on your control panel while your trip, also driver and passengers have crystal ashtrays with magnetic locks too.

Many of the parts and accessories installed on the cars of this series you can buy in our online store.

online shop

Technology and production 

RM series guide

1. Protecting the body & frame

Complete disassembly of a car. Sandblasting the frame, body and suspension.

Protecting the body, frame and suspension with acid fnd epoxy primers.

Application of the Line-X (XS 330) protective coating on the frame, suspension & body details.

2. Galvanizing and powder coating

Galvanizing and powder coating all of responsible compounds and mechanisms predisposed to corrosion.

3. composite elements and parts

The production of composite elements and parts using complex multi - component matrices: RAMS style hybrid X-DOORS, SLANTBACKS, Door trim panels, Lockers, Control consoles & panels.

4. stainless steel accessories & parts

Manufacturing a complete collection of interior & exterior accessories & parts made of high grade AISI 304 stainless steel:
Bumpers & brushguards, B-BARS, side steps.

5. Working with wooden parts

Manufacturing of wooden decks, wheel rings and acoustic podiums, made of noble wood: teak, thermo-treated oak & ash, bog oak.
Application of protective varnishes on wood.

6. Plastic & plexiglass

Painting plastic interior parts. 3D printing of skulls & plastic parts. Plexiglass laser cutting .

7. Upholstering

Upholstering the seats, door trim panels, ceilings, door straps, steering wheels with alcantara or Arpatech eco-leather. Upholstering the linings of the tunnel with an expensive MAHS carpet.
Fabrication of a complex magnetic awning using more than 300 self-aligning neodymium magnets on titanium bases.

8. frame & suspension

The frame & suspension assembly with all new balljoints, seals & gaskets and stainless steel bolts and fixings everywhere.

9. Engine installation

Installation of new engines with new transmissions , new fuel pumps , new CTIS lines , stainless steel exhaust systems , etc.

10. electrical devices

Laying the wiring, setting control units, illumination, sound & media equipment.

11. Assembly OF THE interior

Assembly of the interior parts & accessories.

12. Assembly of the exterior

Assembly of the exterior parts & accessories.

13. WHEELS & tires

Installing new wheels & new tires.

14. Checking all the control systems on a running engine, Checking the car on the track.

15. Cleaning & washing





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