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Car series

RM-Series - it is the reincarnation and transormation of the standing and character of the legendary Hummer H1, using the highest quality materials and technologies.

Ramsmobile company emphasizes on safety and utility of their products.

ART-Series — is a range of vehicles for the true admires of art and modern design solutions. We provide the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the collection of materials of different origin, which creates the exclusive appearance of the car.

RM - X1 - Series is a fundamentally new solution in the field of vehicles in the class of ultra-modern SUVs, including the use of advanced materials for the manufacture of the frames, suspensions, bodies "monocoque", luxurious interiors, bumpers, wheels and tires.

You will be able to see the concept of RM-X1 in 300 days on the home our page.

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