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RM-X1 - Series

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RM-X1 - Series

RM - X1 - Series is a fundamentally new solution in the field of vehicles in the class of ultra-modern SUVs, including the use of advanced materials for the manufacture of the frames, suspensions, bodies "monocoque", luxurious interiors, bumpers, wheels and tires.

You will be able to see the concept of RM-X1 in 300 days on the home our page.

Options and equipment 

RM - X1  Series Collection 

There Where space & matter were compressed billions of times .

There Where temperature & pressure exceeded the imaginable measurement values . 

There Where The Light was enslaved in gravitational bondage .

There Where was only darkness and chaos .

There Where everything had no chance to be ....

The Idea was born .

It had no weight to be attracted by the gravity .

It had no vulnerable composition to decompose and turn into space dust .

It had no soul ...

Easily and freely it had left it's dark & aggressive home , it had overcome hundreds of millions of light - years .

And finely it had stopped to reveal it's meaning & it's essence .

To create it's own image & shape ...

To acquire the hard character ...

To bring the noise and horror .

RM-X1 : only darkness & chaos .

Technology and production 

RM-X1 series guide

What is the nobility?

What is the shape?

What is the power?

What is the size?

What is the fuck is this all?


"RM - X1"




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