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RM-X1 - Series Nanotech edition

Car series: 

Price : from 1.000.000 $

RM - X1 - Series is a fundamentally new solution in the field of vehicles in the class of ultra-modern SUVs, including the use of advanced materials for the manufacture of the frames, suspensions, bodies "monocoque", luxurious interiors, bumpers, wheels and tires.
A conceptual model RM-X1, ready for mass production, is the most expensive and high-tech SUV in the world. Manufacture of components and assemblies of materials, used in aircraft construction and space technologies was used to create RM – X1, which is usually rare for auto manufacturers. Also, the installation of the most advanced mechanical components: engine, transmission, shock absorbers, gearbox, ceramic brakes, electronics, etc. – is the key to the reliability and utility of this model. RM – X1 will be presented to the audience in 2 trim options:
•The top version with the internal combustion engine;
•Version with an electric engine.
You will be able to see the concept of RM-X1 in 300 days on the home page www.ramsmobile.com


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