Russian Auto Modeling Studio was based in 2007 by Shepelev Dmitry . At the beginning of RAMS activity from 2007 - 2010 regarding automotive industry , all attention was focused on exclusive aerodynamic body Kits and interior solutions for sportcars& SUVs .

Some pictures of RAMS projects .

In 2012 RAMS decided to create a car , which will take its place among connoisseurs and lovers of ultra - expensive & exclusive products . The company has begun to develop a collection of three models of cars based on Hummer H1 chassis , finished with the most expensive , modern and valuable materials such as thermo - treated oak , stainless steel , alcantara , Arpatech eco - leather , MAH carpet , carbon fiber , Line - x coating and titanium , which are rarely used in automotive industry because of its high production cost . This materials can retain its appearance for many years in corrosive environment .

So RAMS has founded its own mini - factory with a wide range of activities . It was called «RAMSMOBILE» and it was equipped with all the necessary technologies , machines , tools & professionals for this production .

It took almost 5 years to design & create an image of a car that will take away all the attention of passing by people and will determine the status of the owner .

Collection consists of 3 absolutely different series : each series has 4 editions which allow the customer to choose the style of his RAMSMOBILE .


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RM series - the reincarnation of the style , and character of the legendary Hummer H1 by using the most expensive & high quality materials and equipment in the production .

ART series - for lovers of art and modern design solutions , we welcome you to immerse in the atmosphere of the contact of the valuable materials of different origin , which combine to create the perfect image of the car . Manufactured with the maximum quality and installed neatly and precisely , our items will always attract your eyes .

RM - X1 series – is a completely new solution in the manufacturing of off - road vehicles , using the most technologically advanced materials in the production of the frame , suspension, body , roll cage , bumpers , brush guard , wheels & tires . Creating interior parts of the most expensive & modern materials rarely used in automotive industry. The installation of the most advanced mechanical parts: engine, transmission, shock absorbers, transfer cases, brakes, CTIS, electronics, etc... RM - X1 series will be presented in 300 days. Follow this project in the RM - X1 section on the main page of our website.

In addition we manufacture exclusive accessories & parts for Hummer H1 which for sure will give a modern & expensive look to your car.

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