Russian Auto Modeling Studio was based in 2007 by Shepelev Dmitry


At the beginning of RAMS activity from 2007 - 2010 regarding automotive industry , all attention was focused on exclusive aerodynamic body Kits and interior solutions for sportcars& SUVs


In 2012 RAMS decided to create a car , which will take its place among connoisseurs and lovers of ultra - expensive & exclusive products . The company has begun to develop a collection of three models of cars based on Hummer H1 chassis , finished with the most expensive , modern and valuable materials such as thermo - treated oak , stainless steel , alcantara , Arpatech eco - leather , MAH carpet , carbon fiber , Line - x coating and titanium , which are rarely used in automotive industry because of its high production cost . This materials can retain its appearance for many years in corrosive environment .


So RAMS has founded its own mini - factory with a wide range of activities . It was called «RAMSMOBILE» and it was equipped with all the necessary technologies , machines, tools & professionals for this production .


To achieve the best result in the technical characteristics of the vehicles, Ramsmobile company sets internal combustion engines and developed motors. There is a great experience of work with composite materials, 3d modeling, improvement of aerodynamic properties of vehicles. The production of bodies of complex composite matrices produced in its own autoclave is held. New cars are build with body type "monocoque".

A conceptual model RM-X1, ready for mass production, is the most expensive and high-tech SUV in the world. Manufacture of components and assemblies of materials, used in aircraft construction and space technologies was used to create RM – X1, which is usually rare for auto manufacturers. Also, the installation of the most advanced mechanical components: engine, transmission, shock absorbers, gearbox, ceramic brakes, electronics, etc. – is the key to the reliability and practicality of this model.


It took almost 5 years to design & create an image of a car
that will take away all the attention of passing by
people and will determine the status of the owner. 

The company has developed and started to make
own cars, which will not be unique in the world.

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This is the constructor of Ramsmobile. Using it, you can build the car of your dreams and find out the cost.


Ramsmobile Constructor

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