In the Ramsmobile company, you can order the following goods:

ACCESSORIES - exclusive accessories and components for Hummer H1, which will certainly provide your vehicle modern and expensive look.

CARS FOR SALE - sales of complete Hummer H1 and H2. Also, in this section you may monitor production of the new projects.

APPAREL – Ramsmobile clothes for sale. In this section, you'll see positions that Ramsmobile produces for its clients.

BUILT & PRICE RAMSMOBILE - this is the constructor of Ramsmobile. Using it, you can build the car of your dreams and find out the cost.


Delivery process

The shipping cost is calculated depending on your location. Delivery time is from 5 to 20 days, depending on your location.

When ordering a vehicle – time of manufacturing cars is 3 months, depending on the chosen model. Delivery time – from 15 to 30 days, depending on your location.


When you order the accessory, in the application form will be included all the necessary information of payment systems, convenient for the payment.

When ordering the car the advanced payment is 30% of the value. The remaining 70 % of the cost is paid after the delivery of the vehicle.

Only the best products from RAMSMOBILE

RAMSMOBILE guarantees the quality and the authenticity of every component that you buy.

Goods are not subject to be exchanged of returned. In case of any problems, please contact us by e-mail ramsmobile.com@gmail.com and we will try to solve the problem.

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