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Composite door (civilian version)

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$15 000
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Composite door (civilian version).

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This item is suitable for Hummer H1.

Ramsmobile company provides its customers with a wide range of services including manufacture of parts from composite materials. This material is based on several components that determine its operational and technological characteristics. The basis of the composites is the matrix on the basis metal, polymer or ceramic. Additional reinforcement is done by fillers in the form of fibers, whiskers and particles. Plasticity, strength, wide scope of application – these are the characteristic features of modern composite materials. The use of composites is useful in various fields, but it is most effective in industries associated with high technology. For example, today, no single aircraft is not created without the use of composites, and some of them used for about 60% of polymer composites. Due to the possibility of combining the various reinforcing elements and matrix is possible to obtain a composition with a certain set of characteristics. And this, in turn, gives the possibility to apply these materials in various fields.

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