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NEW Hybrid X-DOORS for Hummer H1 and military HMMWV (M998)

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$5 000
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RAMSMOBILE Company offers X-Doors of its own production, which were developed specifically for military HMMWV (M998) and civil HUMMER H1. X-Doors have an original appearance, can withstand high loads and harsh operating conditions. The interior design is designed for those who want to stay in comfort inside their car.

Our kit is made of composite materials (fiberglass), which eliminates the possibility of rust and weighs much less than standard steel door Hummer H1.



Door RAMSMOBILE have power-UPS hidden inside doors that cover the inner lining. This design provides the aesthetic appeal of the salon, gives you the opportunity to fit the door under the interior, to pull Alcantara, Arpateck, to create an imitation wood or simply painted in bright or dark shades. New sealing gum placed on the contour, prevent the ingress of water, dust and dirt into the cabin. That is a great advantage for off-road vehicle movement. All auxiliary elements are made of stainless steel.

What is included in the set of X-DOORS (x 4 doors):

1. Lock with stainless pad.

2. 3 M8 bolts to secure the lock.

3. 50 M5 bolts to secure the inner skin and the protective frame.

4. Stainless protective frame and sealing rubber, along the contour of the product.

5. New tempered glass 4 mm thick.

6. Internal new gum for cleaning glass.

7. Window lifter mechanism.

8. Wiring with strap lock.

9. External and internal door handles.

10. The responses of the locks on the body.

11. Stainless steel hinges.

The advantages of buying:

Brand new hybrid x-DOORS from RAMSMOBILE manufacturer are guaranteed to fit for HMMWV and HUMMER H1. Fully comply with all standards of quality, reliability, durability, and operating rules applicable to products PREMIUM. Set of X-DOORS will add convenience and just simply complement the style of your car. Goods delivery is carried out anywhere in the world . 

We are looking for dealers for the sale of x-doors in their region, favorable terms. You can find out the conditions by writing to

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