RAMS style Hybrid X-DOORS

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$5 500
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RAMS style door solution , wich was developed for those who goes crazy about absolute military style, but still want to stay in comfort inside his car. Our doors have exterior x-door look and civilian version internal panel ... RAMS style X-DOORS have power windows, door lining constricted with alcantara or Arpateck materials to your choice, 8 stainless steel external hinges and stainless steel frames with integrated seals following the contours of the window glasses. Like the original HMMWV (M998) X-DOOR, our Kit is made of composite materials (fiberglass or carbonfiber to your choice) and is rust free and weighs much less than standart Hummer h1 steel door.

For long term cooperation company Ramsmobile can offer more favorable prices. Depending on the number of orders for this product.



To order a set of RAMS style X-DOORS you need to specify in your answer some information about your car :

1. what is the body type of your car (SLANTBACK, OPENTOP, WAGON or HARDTOP) ? 

2. Is it a Hummer H1 or HMMWV ? 

3. We offer you 3 types of decorative and protective coating for our hybrid X-DOORS: 

- painting with acrylic materials,

- application of protective coating Line-x XS330, 

- application of protective coating Line-x Ultra (option) +350$ . 

4. What kind of surface do you want for X-DOORS stainless steel accessories : 

- polished surface (recommended) . 

- sandblasted surface (recommended) . 

- powder coated surface . 

5. What color you wish for the tempered door glasses : 

- transparent. 

- tinted in graphite (30 %) . 

- tinted in bronze (30%) . 

- optionaly we can make them all heated (option) +1500$. 

6. Optionaly we can offer you , the installation of the contact group in the doorways wich will allow you to remove all the doors from your car in 1 minute. 

Original x-doors from hmmwv will not fit to a Hummer H1 . We are the only one company in the world that is able to produce x-doors with all the options that has civilian door from Hummer h1 ... We install all new glasses , sealants and many stainless steel accessories which are very expensive to produce because of it's high material cost .

Construction of the roof and external size of the door ...  We can fabricate x-doors as for hmmwv as for hummer h1 . Simple hmmwv x-doors are flimsy as they don't have inner part of the door . They don't have power windows and automatic locks . This subsequently destroys the structure and cracks appear . 

But the construction of x-door is much better as the door does not advocate the body of a car .

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