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Trailer by RAMS #2

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$15 000
SKU: Trailer#2

RAMSMOBILE company proudly presents unique «TRAILERS BY RAMS». They can be manufactured exclusively for you, in three different body types OPEN-TOP ,HARD-TOP and SLANTBACK modifications.



On your trailer we can set:
•Open-air acoustic equipment, speakers with magnetic locks, sound amplifiers, DJ equipment;
•Bar stand, coffee-machine, hot-dog machine, shisha, ice-generator;
•Smoke machine and led-modules for parties;
•Water tanks, 220V generator;
•Wooden decks and benches;
•Interior and exterior accessories.
•Video projector with portable screen;
•Other devices depending on your wishes.

Build and price Ramsmobile

This is the constructor of Ramsmobile. Using it, you can build the car of your dreams and find out the cost.


Ramsmobile Constructor

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