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Ramsmobile company emphasizes on safety and utility of their products. The most high-tech materials and mechanisms in automotive industry, such as titanium, composite materials, kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber are used in the production of vehicles and accessories. In addition, Ramsmobile company is the official representative and partner of LINE-X.

The company established the training Department staff for different positions (mechanics, technicians, carbonites, electricians, etc.). An expensive professional equipment is bought, there are ongoing developments of improving production processes, using the newest machinery, including manufacturing systems (3d printers, milling centers, laser engraving machines, etc.)

Ramsmobile is a partner of VIAM

For all time of existence of the company, it had been invested more than 7 000 000 $. Ramsmobile company is a partner of VIAM, a leading public research center in materials science.

VIAM provides a complete innovation period – from fundamental and applied research to create high-tech knowledge-based industries for the production of new generation materials, semi-finished and unique process equipment. Experience in the development of new materials helps Ramsmobile company in creating its concepts.

Own autoclave for composite parts

Ramsmobile company provides its customers a wide range of services including manufacture of parts from composite materials. This material is based on several components that determine its operational and technological characteristics. The basis of the composites is the matrix on the basis metal, polymer or ceramic. Additional reinforcement is done by fillers in the form of fibers, whiskers and particles. Plasticity, strength, wide scope of application – these are the characteristic features of modern composite materials. The use of composites is effective in various fields, but it is most effective in industries associated with high technology. For example, today, not a single aircraft is created without the use of composites and some of them have used for about 60% of polymer composites. Due to the possibility of combining the various reinforcing elements and matrix it is possible to obtain a composition with a certain set of characteristics. And this, in its turn, gives the possibility to apply these materials in various fields.


Own metal processing line

The body and the interior of RAMSMOBILE vehicles’ assembled entirely on stainless steel bolts and fasteners (more than 6000 pieces on each car) , many of them are handcrafted and polished in our company. Stainless steel bolts are not used by other car manufacturers because of very high costs. This solution is necessary when assembling the vehicle that must maintain its visual appearance & strength parameters for decades even in aggressive environments and where traces of corrosion are unacceptable.

A complete collection of interior & exterior accessories & parts made of high grade AISI 304 stainless steel is installed: bumpers & brush guards , B - BARS , side steps, etc.

In addition to manufacture vehicles, the company is engaged in production of stainless steel accessories, like its drafts, and the orders and the customers' desire.

Each RAMSMOBILE feature is the presence of stainless steel floor mats, hand-made by sophisticated technology. Inlaid skull style car mounted on satin org-glass or polycarbonate.

If You are looking for a car that will last forever – contact Ramsmobile. Warranty for protective coating of car body and components from corrosion – your whole life.


Our own production of valuable products of thermally treated wood


The installation of expensive and exclusive materials for wooden decks, wheels and acoustic podiums, such as: teak , thermo-treated oak, ash and bog oak is held.

The application of LINE-X


In the RAMSMOBILE company each car undergoes a full cycle of reincarnation, in which, in order to protect the car body, frame, suspension and other corrosion and mechanical damage of the parts, we use the protective coating - world famous brand LINE-X ULTRA and XS-330.

Our own production of 3D printing, laser and waterjet cutting

The technology of Metalworking is the process of converting the form of metals, their properties and qualities. The Metalworking technologies are: - casting; - welding; - mechanical processing; - processing of metal under pressure, hydroabrasive and laser cutting. All of these technologies Ramsmobile the company uses in the production of its vehicles and accessories for them. 

In addition to Metalworking, the company manufactures a number of accessories on their own 3d printers. 3d printing is a growing real object in a computer-generated sample of 3D models from plastic, rubber, carbon fiber.

Our own line of embroidery machines, workshop for interiors sewing

Depending on the wish of the client each car can be equipped with two types of more comfortable and spacious seats for front and rear rows on pneumatic or rigid frame.

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This is the constructor of Ramsmobile. Using it, you can build the car of your dreams and find out the cost.


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