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Ramsmobile company emphasizes on safety and utility of their products. The most high-tech materials and mechanisms in automotive industry, such as titanium, composite materials, Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber are used in the production of vehicles and accessories. In addition, Ramsmobile company is the official representative and partner of LINE-X .

The company established the training Department staff for different positions (mechanics, technicians, carbonites, electricians, etc.). An expensive professional equipment is bought, there are ongoing developments of improving production processes, using the newest machinery, including manufacturing systems (3d printers, milling centers, laser engraving machines, etc.)

For all time of existence of the company, it had been invested more than 7 000 000 $. Ramsmobile company is a partner of VIAM, a leading public research center in materials science. VIAM provides a complete innovation period – from fundamental and applied research to create high-tech knowledge-based industries for the production of new generation materials, semi-finished and unique process equipment. Experience in the development of new materials helps Ramsmobile company in creating its concepts.

To achieve the best result in the technical characteristics of the vehicles, Ramsmobile company sets internal combustion engines and developed motors. There is a great experience of work with composite materials, 3d modeling, improvement of aerodynamic properties of vehicles. The production of bodies of complex composite matrices produced in its own autoclave is held. New cars are build with body type "monocoque".

In the lines of RM, ART RM-X1 there is the completion of all units, mechanical components and connections. Increased the ergonomics of the internal space of the cabin (extension panels, thermocarbon..)

In 2015 the company Ramsmobile decided to start the manufacture of composite wooden decks, covered with acrylic and varnishes and produced with "intermediate grinding" to achieve depth and additional contrast of the wooden cover.

In addition to manufacture vehicles, the company is engaged in production of stainless steel accessories, like its drafts, and the orders and the customers' desire.

If You are looking for a car that will last forever – contact Ramsmobile. Warranty for protective coating of car body and components from corrosion – your whole life.

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